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Would you like to work in the supply chain arena where you can help your organization manage diverse products, services, suppliers and facilities, and promote competitive advantage? The demand for this emerging field is increasing by leaps and bounds. Organizations want professionals to analyze and make critical decisions in managing suppliers, procuring supplies of raw materials, assuring delivery of goods to end customers, and increasing company profitability. Professionals who have these skills are commonly sought by companies such as Target, General Mills, and 3M.

The Supply Chain and Operations Management major will:

  • Teach you managerial and technical skills in the supply chain and operations field,
  • Prepare you for professional careers with competitive salaries,
  • Expose you to the challenges of managing people, facilities, processes, and suppliers, involving both domestic and international commerce,
  • Offer you a career path that integrates various functions of the organization, and
  • Provide you the opportunity to participate in industry associations such as APICS, CSCMP, and ISM and earn their professional certificates.

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