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We are accepting applications until October 31 for spring 2015 admission!

As noted below and beginning with fall 2015, the application deadline will be March 15.

In addition, we are piloting the new Online Graduate Application! We highly encourage you to use the online process outlined below for submitting your application materials. We are confident that you will find the online application process to be more streamlined and we thank you in advance for giving it a try!

If you'd rather use the paper application and mail in your materials, that's fine. Please email graduate.studies@metrostate.edu to request the paper application.

Application Deadlines

The application deadline is March 15.
This is a competitive program that will admit 15-25 students once per year for fall semester only. Applicants should allow approximately 45 business days for admission decisions following the application deadline.

Application File

A complete application file consists of two parts (three for international students.) We recommend that you begin the application process by applying online first using the new online graduate application. Once you’ve applied online you can login to the Applicant Portal using your StarID and password at any time and upload your remaining documents, submit your references, and check on the status of your application.

Part One

  • Online Graduate Programs Application . Please note you will need a MnSCU StarID to complete the application. If you don’t have a StarID you will create one at the beginning of the application.
  • Non-refundable Application Fee can be paid through online application
    • Current fee of $20 is waived for graduates of Metropolitan State University.
  • Official Transcripts
    • Official transcripts for all previous college-level work in undergraduate and graduate programs showing a baccalaureate degree or equivalent with grade-point average or narrative description of courses completed from all schools attended after high school and transcripts from any graduate or professional programs.

Part Two

  • Professional References: Complete the online application to submit online references.
    • Provide three references from professional sources, at least one of which is a current or former college instructor, and at least one of which is a current or former work supervisor.
    • At least one of these individuals must be willing and able to attest that the applicant has at least four years of freedom from mental health, physical health and substance use problems which would impair the applicant’s objectivity or effectiveness in performing the duties of a professional counselor.
  • Resume: Complete the online application to access the document upload feature.
    • Work experience: At least one year paid employment in an agency or program that offers alcohol and drug-related services. Practicum/internship hours do not count toward this requirement.
  • Admission Essay: Complete the online application to access the document upload feature.
    • No fewer than five and no more than seven pages that includes:
    • Explanation of a theory/model of addiction: Briefly explain your preferred theory of addiction. Include causal elements, research evidence and example of application of this theory/model.
    • Explanation of a counseling approach: Briefly explain your preferred counseling approach. Include an overview of the approach, research evidence and a dialogue of how you would use this with a client.
    • Evidence of continuing study in alcohol and drug counseling: What have you done/are you doing to continue to increase you knowledge and skills in alcohol and drug counseling? (e.g., courses taken, training or conferences attended, professional books and journals read, etc.; this information may be submitted in a table)
    • Brief narrative regarding commitment to self-care, as well as freedom from mental, physical and chemical health problems that could impair your objectivity and effectiveness as a counselor (consistent with the state of Minnesota’s expectation for those holding professional licensure as alcohol and drug counselors).
  • Unencumbered License: Complete the online application to access the document upload feature.
    • Provide evidence of unencumbered license, if applicable. For example, if you are currently licensed in alcohol and drug counseling, professional counseling, social work, marriage and family therapy or psychology, provide evidence of unencumbered license.
    • PDF or an image file of your license or state board login page showing unencumbered license.
  • Counseling Skills: Provide an audio-recorded example of a counseling session which demonstrates your counseling skills, according to the procedure described below. PLEASE NOTE: Due to ethical considerations, your “volunteer client” must be at least 18 years of age and CANNOT be one of your current clients.
    • Content of the Recording: Ask your volunteer client to discuss, “Something about yourself that you…want to change, need to change, should change, or have been thinking about changing… but have not changed yet.” This is the target behavior which your volunteer wishes to discuss.
    • Who may be used as your volunteer client?
      • Co-workers
      • Friends
      • Family members
    • Time Length: at least 20 min.
    • When recording please check to make sure:
      • the recording is actually recording
      • the volume of the recording is loud enough to hear
    • Submit your completed recording by e-mail to: graduate.studies@metrostate.edu
  • In-person Interview: Final candidates are required to participate in an in-person admissions interview that includes an evaluation of listening and empathy skills.
    • Program staff will follow up with final candidates to schedule this interview

Part Three - International Students Only

In addition to parts one and two, international student applicants must provide:

  • English language proficiency: Students must demonstrate English language proficiency or permanent resident status, documented or demonstrated by one of the following ways:
    • Is a US citizen or permanent resident,
    • Has a bachelor’s master’s or doctoral degree from an English-speaking institution in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand,
    • Holds an H-1 visa at the time of application that will be in effect at the date of matriculation,
    • Has a minimum TOEFL score of 250 (Internet-based), or 600 (paper-based) achieved within 24 months of intended matriculation, or
    • Has an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher achieved within 24 months of intended matriculation.
  • Financial statement
  • Immunization records
  • Passport, visa, I-94, international home address and phone numbers

Visit International Student Services graduate admissions for part three details.

Submit Part Three To:

Graduate Studies Office
Metropolitan State University
New Main 206
700 East Seventh Street
Saint Paul, MN 55106

              Brooklyn Park - Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Education Center Minneapolis Campus Midway Center Saint Paul Campus Saint Paul Campus