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The Maseter of Liberal Studies Program Capstone course is where projects are brought to completion. Before registering for MLS 690, students must devote considerable time and attention toward developing their capstone projects. This means taking multiple graduate-level courses, having consultations with faculty advisors, doing independent research and reflection, and writing drafts for components of the projects. In MLS 690, students focus largely on organizational and presentational considerations required to produce high quality capstone projects.

Before you can register for MLS 690:

  1. Complete MLS 600. In this course, you will develop a first draft of a capstone project proposal.
  2. Meet regularly with your academic advisor or faculty mentor to discuss your progress on your capstone project, as well as potential learning experiences/resources that could further your work.
  3. Complete at least 24 credits in the Maseter of Liberal Studies Program (at least 8 elective credits at the level of 500G or higher, and at least 8 credits of MLS 620 Explorations).

    Your elective courses and/or independent studies are expected to support your capstone project. It may be advisable for you to set up an independent study (SDIS) specifically focusing on the research that you will need to do for your capstone project.
  4. Revise and finalize your capstone project proposal in conversation with your advisor or faculty mentor. The proposal should be finalized after the vast majority of learning experiences, independent research and reflection have taken place. Thus, completing the capstone proposal will necessarily require some considerable time and attention.
  5. Submit your completed capstone proposal to your advisor for approval. Once approved, you are ready to register for MLS 690.

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