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Independent Studies & Internships

Master of Liberal Studies Program Creative Learning Strategies

The Master of Liberal Studies Program calls for 12 elective credits at the 500G-level or higher. In addition to taking graduate courses at Metropolitan State University (or up to 8 transfer graduate credits from other institutions), Master of Liberal Studies Program students can earn elective credits through creative learning strategies.

Student Designed Independent Studies (SDIS)

Graduate SDIS would usually be a unique learning opportunity customized by the student with an individual faculty member. To arrange an SDIS, download and complete the SDIS form in conversation with the faculty member you will be working with. The course number should be 660I with a prefix indicating the discipline. (For example, HIST 660I, WRIT 660I, or ETHS 660I.) Submit the completed form to the chair of the faculty member's department for approval (not to the MA of Liberal Studies director). Once the SDIS has been approved, you will be able to register for it online. Each semester, there is a deadline to register for alternative learning strategies, like SDIS. Check the university calendar for the current deadline.


Graduate internships would usually be coordinated through the Center for Community-Based Learning, and could involve a wide range of projects and activities.

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