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An admitted Master of Liberal Studies Program student begins by taking "MLS 600 Introductory Seminar," which teaches methods of interdisciplinary inquiry through variable topics within which students craft individual projects. Arising from interactions with seminar team teachers, and with other students, one of the seminar's outcomes is analysis and refinement of each student's educational objectives, within the framework of MLS program resources.

Following MLS 600, a student then selects at least three iterations of "MLS 620: Master of Liberal Studies Exploration." Topics vary, but each MLS 620 encourages interdisciplinary inquiry, with opportunities to pursue individual interests as these relate to the Exploration's theme. For example, a student interested in world politics and economics might take an Exploration on the topic of globalism. Students also select 12 credits of electives at the 500G or higher level, which can include independent studies or internships.

A student may register for "MLS 690 Master of Liberal Studies Capstone" upon completion of MLS 600 and at least 24 credits in the Master of Liberal Studies Program (at least 8 elective credits, and at least 8 credits in MLS 620's); and with an approved Capstone Project Proposal. The MLS 690 Capstone revolves around the facilitation and completion of students' self-directed capstone projects.

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