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What Career Opportunities for Psychology (MA) Graduates

Individuals with training in community psychology and relevant experience are amply qualified for a number of employment opportunities. These options may include but are not limited to working in public and private domains, in the areas of community development, prevention, research, program development, outreach, and evaluation. The listings below are intended to provide prospective graduate students with a generalized understanding of career possibilities.


Community Psychologist

  • Involved in research & capacity building initiatives to develop the health, economic equity, & social justice of communities managing project tasks;
  • Conducting research & evaluations;
  • Providing technical assistance to agency representatives, community leaders, & evaluators;
  • Supporting community change & projects that promote healthy communities & prevent social problems such as crime, violence, HIV, & substance abuse.

Prevention Specialist

  • Designs; implements, and evaulates programs;
  • Involved in research & capacity building initiatives to develop and/or improve prevention initiatives;
  • Conducts, synthesizes, and applies research findings to develop and/or improve prevention initiatives;
  • Designs, implements and evaluates single and multi-session training tools, curricula and presentations;
  • Providing technical assistance and consultation to communities, government agencies and other organizations regarding adult and community responsibility to prevent the perpetration of child sexual abuse;

Program Associate for Community Change Initiatives

  • Manage the design, development, & implementation of resources,
  • Helping local sites & staff to accumulate, portray & communicate the results in developing community capacities of change & in achieving results for children, families, & neighborhoods;

Community Outreach Coordinator

  • Builds and maintain an effective system of block leaders and other volunteers united to educate residents about crime prevention strategies and programs that keep the neighborhood safe;
  • Organizes and develop, in conjunction with area youth, meaningful youth programs and events that encourage leadership and creativity and promote positive self-esteem;
  • Develops and recruit for volunteer positions according to organization?s needs;
  • Manages a successful shore service program that matches youth and adults with vulnerable adults who need assistance with household chores;
  • Participate on a team united to achieve the purpose and goals of the organization through effective citizen participation efforts, programs, public communication and education;

Health Promotion Specialist

  • Provide consultation and technical assistance to schools and community organizations;
  • Develops, manage and implement population-level health promotion strategies to address health issues in children and adolescents;
  • Represent the Hennepin County Human Services & Public Health Department on internal and external committees, coalitions and collaboratives
  • Oversee grants and contracts, including researching external funding options, serving on grant preparation teams, and managing grant funded programs
  • Prepare reports and other technical documents, including the use of evaluation tools and data to strategically drive program interventions

Program Coordinator

  • Community education: coordinate and conduct community education programs for youth and adults.
  • Support groups: develop and implement marketing program for support groups coordinate support groups; facilitate groups as necessary.
  • Training: conduct Speakers Bureau training for volunteers and staff; conduct support group facilitation training for volunteers; assist with other volunteer trainings.
  • Supervision: supervise volunteers on a daily basis; supervise interns as necessary; attend monthly staff supervision.
  • Coordinates community outreach; develop and maintain crisis resources and community networks; attend weekly and monthly community meetings.
  • Direct services: provide telephone, individual and other crisis services as needed.

Resource Development Coordinator

  • Developing support networks to meet the needs of children with severe emotional disturbances (SED) & their families;
  • Building & utilizing community resources from the faith communities, businesses, service organizations & neighborhoods;
  • Consulting with community-based organizations to better address the needs of children & families from underserved groups.
  • Director of Strategic Initiatives and Community Engagement
    Directing strategic initiatives to ensure effective implementation & achievement of goals;
  • Developing partnership among local officials, nonprofits, foundations & financial institutions;
  • Planning of comprehensive service delivery activities across the county departments & community programs;
  • Directing innovative policy/program initiatives & services;
  • Representing the County?s position on current issues in local, state & national settings.

Program Director

  • Directs and coordinates all program activities and functions utilizing knowledge of program goals and objectives and organization?s policies.
  • Ensures all programs are operating in compliance with funding agencies? and Breaking Free, Inc.?s rules and regulations.
  • Provide supervision, professional development and conducts performance appraisals of assigned staff.
  • Directs all applied research, planning, development and implementation of pertinent programs and initiatives in the areas of affordable housing, case management, family health and empowerment, employment development, mental health, prevention of juvenile prostitution; volunteer and intern services.
  • Responsible for program evaluation including: developing the design and format of program reports; developing data collection forms; monitoring data collection; completing data analysis; finalizing program reports; and distribution of program reports to Executive Directors, staff, as well as to funding agencies.
  • Maintains regular communication with the Executive Directors on issues affecting old and new program development.
  • Communicates Breaking Free Inc.?s philosophy and goals to clients, staff and community and others with whom Breaking Free interacts.
  • Works closely with the Executive Director to develop a comprehensive fundraising strategy to expand philanthropic support for the organization.

Civic Engagement Organizer


  • Planning & implementing MCN?s 2006 Minnesota Participation Project (MPP);
  • Developing public information & training materials;
  • Recruiting & expanding the number of nonprofit organization participating in MPP;
  • Organizing activities & recruiting volunteers;
  • Training board, staff & volunteers
  • Maintaining update website & contribute to MPP newsletter.

Research Program Manager

  • Providing management support to MPAAT?s research & evaluation programs;
  • Managing grants monitoring, surveillance, research demonstration projects & evaluation programs.

HIV Services Planning Council Coordinator

  • Provide leadership and community visibility for all Minnesota HIV Services Planning Council efforts.
  • Maintain Planning Council operations by providing support of committees facilitating meetings, monitoring adherence to bylaws, developing work products and coordinating communication between committees and government grantees.
  • Provide leadership for community planning process including the development and communication of a strategic plan for HIV services.
  • Coordinate/conduct research and evaluation activities of the Council including working with Council committees to develop required research and evaluation products, manage contracts to perform research and evaluation and assure research and evaluation results are used effectively by Council in HIV community planning.
  • Develop and implement an outreach plan to increase participation in Council activities.
  • Recruit, orient and work to retain qualified Council members and community participants. Develop an annual training plan for the Council and provide comprehensive training and leadership development for Council members.
  • Provide leadership on public relations efforts including the development of materials that explain and promote the work of the Council and Ryan White funded HIV services and develop a public relations plan to reach varied communities.
  • Provide direction for office support staff.

Director of Family Support Services

Lead the development, training, and support of the Circle of Parents Program and other family support activities.

  • Supervise and support program coordinators, develop new family support initiatives, foster parent leadership development, and offer technical assistance and guidance to chapters as needed.
  • Represent the organization in local, statewide and national collaborative activities, including serving on committees and task forces.
  • Organizing and facilitating support groups
  • Training of facilitators and leaders as well as training trainers
  • Leadership of volunteers
  • Development of collaborations among agencies
  • Parent and family support activities
  • Development and management of training programs/conferences
  • State and federal contract management
  • Program development and project fundraising

Field Researcher

Participating in a national study on community organizing & school reform;

  • Conducting primary research through observations of events & interviews with people involved in community;
  • Organizing group work including parents, youth, teachers, organizers, principals, administrators & policy makers;
  • Conducting monthly phone update with sites;
  • Preparing field notes & analysis;
  • Coordinating computer-based survey administration with study sites;
  • Participating in development of research instruments, analysis of field data & drafting & reviewing drafts of working papers.

Project Director

  • Directing the intervention development study for newly diagnosed youth with HIV;
  • Developing intervention to improve the physical & psychological health & functioning of newly diagnosed youth by assisting in their adjustment to the HIV diagnosis;
  • Supervising the project & maintaining study documentation;
  • Coordinating multi-site communication activities between ATN sites;
  • Interviewing subjects & co-facilitating focus groups;
  • Coordinating transcription & creating coding system for qualitative data analysis.

Research Assistant

Supporting the work on the implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act;

  • Researching the impact of state-level high school exit exams policies;
  • Supporting the Center staff & consultants in the new areas of work;
  • Administering surveys,
  • Analyzing & writing reports based on CEP & related data sources;
  • Assisting case studies;
  • Creating, maintaining, & managing databases.

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