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What is CJS 490 Criminal Justice Capstone?
Using both a theoretical and practical framework, this experience is designed to help students integrate and synthesize their undergraduate experiences. An applied project demonstrates discipline mastery of a subject and serves as a vehicle for future work and study in the criminal justice field. Note: This course should be taken the semester the student graduates.

Who is eligible to register for CJS 490 Criminal Justice Capstone?

  • Students who have successfully completed the following prerequisite courses with a C- or better:
    • CJS 200 Literature in Criminal Justice
    • CJS 320 Applied Criminology
    • CJS 360 Diversity in Criminal Justice
    • CJS 375 Criminal Justice Ethics
    • CJS 483 Research Seminar in Criminal Justice  
  • Students who are prepared and planning to:
    • Register for their final semester prior to graduation
    •  Register for their final semester prior to completion of Summer Skills and graduation 
    • Students must have attended a PAW and be accepted to the major 

    Be sure to confirm you will meet all the university degree requirements at the end of your last term:

    I will have completed ALL
    my course requirements.

    I will have completed ALL my credit requirements.

    General Education
    Liberal Studies/RIGR



    Minimum 120

    40 Upper Division

    30 University Residency

    24 Major Residency 

    Notes for your information

    • Students needing concurrent registration of prerequisite(s) and CJS 490 should contact their advisor for approval.
    • SLC is authorized to administratively drop any student who does not meet the eligibility criteria for CJS 490 Capstone registration at any time.
    • Student registers for courses in eServices and pays/sets up payment plan by tuition deadline (if after tuition deadline - payment/plan is requested the same day as registration).
    • If you have additional questions about the CJS 490 CJ Capstone registration process, contact the SLC Advising Center at slcadvising@metrostate.edu 

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