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Students who are currently enrolled at Metropolitan State University and intend to major in criminal justice and/or law enforcement are considered current SLC students.

If you are newly admitted, be sure to visit our new student page.

The SLC Advising Center acknowledges that the undergraduate experience is a developmental process and your needs will vary greatly at various stages during your academic career. Advisors expect you to return to this website regularly as there is a wealth of information and not all may apply to you at this time. Refer back to this website often to stay informed about necessary information and upcoming steps and to stay on track during your academic journey.

Attend a Pre-Major Advising Workshop (PAW)

All Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement students are required to attend a Pre-Major Advising Workshop (PAW) prior to being accepted to the major. You may attend a PAW only after having completed NSO and should do so within your first semester. A PAW is a group advising session designed to review your graduation requirements in-depth, important advising information and answer any questions you may have. Check for upcoming PAW sessions and signup information.

Ensure you are pursuing the right major for your career goals

Many college students find choosing a major difficult or are uncertain about whether to change their major. It's important to assess your own strengths, abilities, and values and how they fit within a particular career or field of study. If you are interested in learning more about careers in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement, consider taking CJS 110 Careers in Criminal Justice, connect with SLC faculty and instructors and visit the Career Development Center for additional resources.

Understand My Degree Requirements

The PAW workshop is specifically designed to explain how to use your DARS, transcript and degree worksheet to understand your degree requirements, which is why it is imperative you attend a PAW as early as possible. After you attend a PAW, your advisor will send you an electronic copy of your degree checklist. Be sure to save a copy of your worksheet to your computer and update it with your DARS and transcript each semester. Advisors are not responsible for updating your degree worksheet. We encourage you to consider meeting with your advisor at least once per year to ensure you are progressing towards your degree. Visit Forms and Handouts to view degree planning worksheets for the Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement majors.

Complete Requirements to Declare Your Major

Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement majors must meet four requirements in order to be accepted to the major.

  • Complete the Introductory and Intermediate Writing requirements (Goal 1)
  • Earn a minimum of 30 college credits
  • Establish a Metropolitan State grade point average (GPA) of 2.25 or higher
  • Attend a PAW workshop (advised within your first semester). You may submit your Undergraduate Program Declaration form at the PAW

Properly Plan for Registration

Registration occurs each semester for the upcoming semester. Metropolitan State utilizes a priority registration model which allows the students with the highest completed credits to register first. It's important that you prepare for registration early and register when your window opens to get the best choice of courses. You can view the Registration Timetable each semester on the Registrar's website.

Plan for your second and future semester registrations by:

  1. Finding out when your registration window opens.
  2. Taking care of any potential registration holds. Administrative holds must be released prior to registration.  Log-on to eServices, click on the "Registration" Tab, and click "Check Holds" on the left side menu.
  3. Review your updated degree worksheet, DARS and other advising handouts to assist you in course selection.
  4. If desired, schedule an appointment with your academic advisor well before your registration window opens if you need assistance or have questions as the registration season is one of the busiest times for advisors.
  5. Become familiar with the waitlist and SLC petition process for registration options when courses are full. Be sure to check your Metropolitan State e-mail account daily for waitlist offers if applicable.

Secure Tuition Payment

Remember, you must secure your tuition payment plans by the deadline each semester. If payment is not received by the deadline, your registration will be canceled. Financial Management can provide information on options to secure your tuition payment, submitting your FAFSA each year, and scholarship opportunities.

The Tuition Payment Deadline can be found on the Academic Calendar.

Get Connected

If you have not already done so, familiarize yourself with the variety of resources available to assist you in being successful, engaged and connected to the university. Talk to your professors and fellow students who are currently working in the field about course selection and career/vocational topics. Meet with the Criminal Justice Practicum coordinator to discuss internship and volunteer opportunities. Be sure to connect with your advisor when you have questions or concerns. View a detailed list of student services and opportunities.

Explore Career Advising

Review Advising Forms and Handouts and Policies and Procedures

At various points in your academic career, different situations may arise. It is important to be aware of resources, services, deadlines, and processes for the multitude of issues or concerns that may occur. Ultimately, you are responsible for your education and knowing what is essential to be successful. Our Forms and Handouts page includes common SLC forms and handouts, major/degree planning worksheets, and links to important policies and common university appeals.

View a comprehensive list of university policies and procedures.

Plan for Graduation

If you are approaching graduation, it's important to plan your last two semesters carefully to ensure you are meeting all the degree requirements. You must also register for graduation by the deadline posted. You register for graduation by registering for the Graduation Requirements workshop in eServices. More details.

CJS 490 Criminal Justice Capstone

The CJS Capstone course is required for both law enforcement and criminal justice majors. This course is designed to help students integrate and synthesize their undergraduate experiences.

This course MUST be taken in your final semester. Please visit the Criminal Justice Capstone page for information on eligibility requirements.

Prepare for Skills Practicum (for Law Enforcement majors only)

Law Enforcement students will complete the required Skills course work for the major during their final summer at Metropolitan State University. Plan to meet with your advisor to discuss the timing and ensure appropriate academic planning so that you will be eligible to apply for Skills. Skills applications are typically available in mid-fall semester and due late fall-semester for the following summer's Skills program. All students accepted to Skills must attend a mandatory Skills orientation session in the spring semester.

Please view our FAQs for commonly asked questions by current students.

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