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SLC Degree/Major Worksheets

Criminal Justice
    Criminal Justice Major Degree Worksheet
    Criminal Justice Minor  Worksheet
    Criminal Justice Course Sequence
    Criminal Justice Course Planner
    Criminal Justice Major Tips
    Criminal Justice Fact Sheet

 Law Enforcement
    Law Enforcement Licensure Track 1 Major Degree Worksheet
    Law Enforcement Non-Licensure Track 2 Major Degree Worksheet
    Law Enforcement Track 3 Major Degree Worksheet (on campus)
    Law Enforcement Major & Criminal Justice Minor Worksheet
    Law Enforcement Track 1 Course Sequence
    Law Enforcement Track 2 Course Sequence
    Law Enforcement Track 3 Course Sequence
    Law Enforcement Course Planner
    Law Enforcement Major Tips
    Law Enforcement Fact Sheet 
    Minimum Selection Standards Advisory  
    Minimum Admission Standards Criminal Conviction Advisory

Double Major
     Law Enforcement Licensure Track 1 & Criminal Justice Major  Degree Worksheet

Advising Forms & Handouts    
     Program Declaration Form
     SLC Careers Handout 
     SLC Fall 2014 Petition (The petition process is currently closed.  Contact your advisor for more information.)
SLC Special Request Form (Admitted students trying to enter into a full section of CJS 101 or CJS 200.) 
     Academic Standing Policy
     Consortium Agreement 
     Contract for Student Conduct
     Transfer Credit Policy/Procedure
     Student Handbook

University Appeals & Processes
 Academic Appeal, Registration Appeal and Transfer Credit Appeal
     Financial Aid Appeal

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