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This program is designed for licensed peace officers interested in completing a bachelor's degree in law enforcement. The program is offered in two formats: on campus and online. Students interested in enrolling in the online program should go to the Law Enforcement Major Completion Program Online for Licensed Peace Officers website. The on campus program consists of the following required courses:

  • CJS 200 Literature in Criminal Justice
  • LAWE 301 Community-Oriented Policing
  • CJS 320 Applied Criminology
  • CJS 360 Diversity Issues in Criminal Justice
  • CJS 375 Criminal Justice Ethics
  • CJS 483 Research Seminar in Criminal Justice
  • CJS 490 Criminal Justice Capstone
  • Major Electives (22 credits): Electives are selected with the student's faculty advisor. In general, electives may include law enforcement or criminal justice courses, courses in other disciplines focusing on professional development, course requirements for a minor or certificate, and/or evaluation of prior learning.

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