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Gain a Minnesota teaching license for grades 5-12 in one of four major content areas. Share your passion for learning and make a difference in the lives of urban youth. Empower yourself with the content knowledge, cultural competence, teaching skills, urban field experiences, and professionalism you need to give urban students a high-quality, equitable education.

You will:

  • Focus your coursework and field experiences on being an excellent urban teacher.
  • Learn with the most diverse student and faculty population of any teacher preparation program in Minnesota.
  • Get a high quality education at the most affordable cost of any university in Minnesota.
  • Learn in small classes that allow you to know instructors and fellow students well.
  • Create a flexible schedule with courses that meet once per week, often in the evening.
  • Participate in direct field experience in urban classrooms during the school day.

Program Description

The School of Urban Education is designed to meet the needs of urban schools for teachers who can improve student's educational achievement. The School of Urban Education prepares prospective teachers who can build on the talents and resiliency of diverse urban learners for success in school and life. Our approach to teacher education focuses on preparing diverse, reflective and resilient teachers who are outstanding in their commitment to teaching urban youth and providing equal educational opportunity. By attracting teachers of color and low-income or 'first generation' college students into teaching careers, the School of Urban Education provides urban schools with competent educators who can relate to the experiences of culturally and linguistically diverse youth and their communities.

Choose your content area and major

Focus your studies on one of four content areas.

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