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Explore our programs in Communication and Writing:

Choose a Major

  • Creative Writing Develop creativity, craft, and flexibility as a writer.
  • Professional Communication Strengthen your skills in team building, conflict management, and communications development. Choose your own track— Organizational Communication, Public Relations—to focus on your interests.
  • Screenwriting Build a creative and practical foundation for a career in film and television writing, while you prepare for graduate studies.
  • Studior Arts Gives students the opportunity to cultivate their creativity while developing marketable skills.
  • Technical Communication and Professional Writing Learn to write and communicate in a variety of settings using traditional and digital media.
  • Theater Do you want to learn to create original plays, gaining insight into the creative process? And, do you want to learn playwriting, acting, and directing skills? Then study Theater with us.

Choose a Minor

  • Creative Writing Develop your writing skills while you pursue the writing life.
  • Design for User Experience Gain knowledge and skills in designing and improving user experience of information products.
  • Digital Media Develop a set of skills that are vital for professional communicators in today’s wired workplaces.
  • Environmental Communication
  • Interpersonal Communication Learn to communicate persuasively and informatively and work effectively with information.
  • Media Literacy Gain analytic skills that will help you sift through the messages that inform, entertain, and sell products.
  • Organizational Communication Learn how to improve internal organizational communication and build successful teams.
  • Public Relations
  • Research and Information Studies Harness the joy of intellectual curiosity on many current issues.
  • Screenwriting The screenwriting minor is intended for the student who is interested in learning the basics of writing a screenplay. This minor may complement other fields of study or it may be just right for someone who simply loves movies.
  • Technical Communication Add to your skill set and learn how to communicate with and about technology.
  • Theater Theater skills can enhance a student's ability to communicate and to cultivate a variety of multiple intelligences. A theater minor can complement degrees in business, psychology, education, communication, screenwriting, and a variety of other disciplines.

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