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Explore our programs in Social and Behavioral Sciences:

Choose a major

  • Early Childhood Studies Enhance your associate’s degree with advanced study in child development. Prepare for a career in child care agencies, Head Starts, preschool programs, and child care resource and referral agencies.
  • Psychology Understand scientific methodology, enhance your development of interpersonal and intercultural sensitivity, and gain know of the ethical issues in the field.
  • Social Science Prepare for a variety of careers by choosing from three tracks—generalist, global studies, and disciplinary.
  • Social Studies Teaching Gain a teaching license and learn to teach social sciences to students in grades 5-12.

Enhance your major with these minor programs.

Choose a minor

  • Anthropology Study culture and social relations, human biology and evolution, languages, music, and art while you develop critical thinking, communication, and research skills.
  • Child Psychology Prepare for a career in education and child development.
  • Educational Psychology Learn to apply psychology in education, preparing for a career in education.
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology Learn to apply psychology in organizations.
  • Mental Health Psychology Prepare for a career working with mentally ill people, creating wellness programs, treating chemical dependency, and working in social services.
  • Political Science Study the political behavior of people to better understand why they behave as they do and in order to predict future behaviors.
  • Psychology The Psychology Minor is designed for students interested in the theory and application of psychology. Through the minor, students explore the basics of research and data collection methods, as well as theories of developmental, abnormal, social and community psychology. The minor fits well with other majors including social work, human services and human resources.
  • Psychology Minor for Law Enforcement Major Enhance your Law Enforcement study with this minor, learning how to apply psychology knowledge and theory to real-world situations.
  • Sociology Examine social interactions of people in groups and the causes and consequences of the human behavior within the groups.

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