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Procedures for Obtaining Accomodations

1. Plan ahead--request accommodations at the beginning of the semester.

Requests for accommodations should be made to Disability Services. If you don't know if you're eligible for accomodations, review the Eligibility for Accommodations.

As appropriate, Disability Services will provide the Semester Accomodations Request (SAR) form to faculty members. This form verifies that the student is eligible for the stated accommodations.

2.  Obtain documentation from a certified professional regarding your disability.

Students must provide appropriate documentation of the disabilities for which they seek accommodation. The documentation must address how the disability limits participation in courses, academic programs, activities, and/or campus employment (see Documentation Guidelines).

The forms for documenting disabilities can be found under on the Forms page. Please note the separate form for ADHD.

3. Disability Services will maintain a private file for each student.

Disability-related information is shared with University personnel on a limited, need-to-know basis. This information is maintained consistently with state and federal laws, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (see Data Privacy and Release Information).

4. A needs assessment is conducted for students requesting and eligible for accommodations.

The needs assessment determines reasonable and appropriate testing accommodations, classroom accommodations, and others as determined. The needs assessment will be discussed with the student; a copy of this needs assessment will be given to the student; a copy will be maintained in the student's file.

5. Accomodations will be implemented in a timely manner.

Disability Services will work with faculty and students to implement reasonable and appropriate recommended accommodations. Students are responsible for contacting the Coordinator if the approved reasonable accommodations are not implemented in a timely manner.

If students are not satisfied with an accommodation or do not agree with the decision to deny a requested accommodation, they should contact Disability Services to attempt to resolve the matter.

If the student is not satisfied with the resolution, the student should contact the Vice President for Student Affairs (651-793-1522, New Main 204C).

Disability Discrimination / Harassment

Complaints of disability discrimination or harassment (separate from complaints regarding accommodations) should be submitted in writing to the Director of Equal Opportunity & Diversity (651-793-1272, Founders Hall 315) pursuant to the University’s Policy on Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education.

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