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"The G.E.M.S. Program has been a great experience for me this year. Being a freshman at a four year college is a very hard transition when coming straight out of high school. Having a mentor has made me see college experience from another perspective. It feels good to have someone that you can call on when you need help. I enjoy going to the workshops that G.E.M.S. offers they are very helpful I learn something new every time I go. I appreciate that we have the G.E.M.S. Program at Metropolitan State.  It serves for the students and also for the community too."

– M. Walton (Freshman, Social Work)


What is the G.E.M.S. Leadership & Mentoring Program?

The G.E.M.S. Leadership & Mentoring Program is a unique yearlong experience that offers students at Metropolitan State University an opportunity to develop a close, positive and professional relationship with a mentor who will empower students in their personal and professional development and aid them in achieving their leadership potential. The G.E.M.S. Program’s mission is to guide, empower and support our students through mentoring. Students are carefully teamed up with a mentor based on their major, career interest and a one-on-one interview with the G.E.M.S. staff.


What are the required time commitments?

The Program starts September and ends in early April. The Program requires mentors and students to meet face-to-face a minimum of two times a month and maintain regular communication. All participants are required to maintain regular communication with the Program coordinators a minimum of once a month. All participants are highly encouraged to attend the mandatory Kickoff Dinner Event, the GEMS In Our Lives Dinner Event held in January in celebration of National Mentoring month, as well as, the Closing Ceremony. Students are also encouraged to attend bi-monthly/workshops/events Mentorship Circles with the Program Coordinators to ensure a healthy, growing mentoring relationship.


What is the nature of relationship?

The nature of the relationship between the mentor and mentee is aimed at personal development, professional development, and/or tapping into leadership potential.  Common examples of these relationships are:

  • Personal development: Improving interpersonal communication, and fostering self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Professional development: Providing guidance and exploration of career interest and options
  • Leadership Potential: Recognizing, developing, and enhancing leadership abilities

Potential Students:

  • Must be a currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student
  • Must be in good academic standing (2.0 GPA or higher) 
  • Committed to their personal and/or professional growth
  • Invested their development as well as the development of others
  • Dedicated to holding a leadership position

Potential Mentors:

  • A junior, senior, graduate, alumni, staff, faculty or community volunteer mentor 

Mentee & Mentor Information and Applications

Download GEMS Brochure  or FAQ Guide Kan and Thai Anh - GEMS participants

For More Information, Please Contact:
The G.E.M.S. Leadership & Mentoring Program
Student Life and Leadership Development
Phone: 651-793-1550


"I am happy a program like this began while I am attending Metropolitan State. I have a safe and secure feeling at Metropolitan State because I know I have so many different people that I've met through the G.E.M.S. Program. I am glad I was welcomed into a program that can help me with networking, confidence, and overall a sense of happiness, because I know that with G.E.M.S. I will always have an army of people to help guide me!

Thank you all for everything you've done and please don't stop doing what you do!"

-V. Young (Freshmen)

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