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TRiO Application for Services

If you are new to the TRIO program at Metropolitan State University - please complete the on-line TRiO Application for Services There are eligiblity criteria and priorities for selection into the program.


TRiO Commitment Form (returning TRIO students at Metrostate University)

If you have been accepted to Metropolitan State's TRiO program, you can complete Commitment Form and submit every year to renew your commitment to TRiO services.


TRiO Academic Check-In (on-line)

As a TRiO student, it is important that you touch base on a regular basis with one of our TRiO staff members. Please call the TRiO office (651-793-1525) to set up an appointment, or contact of the staff directly for updates, questions or concerns.

You can also complete the online Academic Check-In form to provide an update on your classes and college experience.

TRiO is a federally-funded program through the U.S. Department of Education.  Certain eligibility requirements and criteria must be met to participate in programming.

TRiO Student Grant-Aid/Scholarship (for Spring/Summer)

Note: Priority will be for summer distribution
APPLICATION is available on TRIO's D2L Page
Deadline for Summer Grant Aid: March 15, 2015

Purpose: The purpose of the TRIO:Student Support Services Student Grant Aid is to assist with the financial needs of attending and completing an undergraduate degree. The grant award is designed to close the gap between a student's financial aid and unmet need (and/or) reduce loan indebtedness (and/or) the need to work excessive hours to make ends meet. The goal of TRIO:Student Support Services and TRIO Student Grant Aid is to insure that students progress with their educational endeavors.

Requirements: TRIO-SSS Grant AidApplicants must be:

  • Accepted and have commitment to TRIO:Student Support Services program, AND
  • Awarded Pell grant through federal financial aid during 2013-2014

Priorities: Due to limited funding, the majority of funds will be ditributed to support summer enrollment. Priorities will be given to:
(1) freshmen and sophomore level students;
(2) students with unmet financial need;
(3) students who are enrolled in COMM-333A;
(4) student who have demonstrated progressive academic achievement.

Recipients will be expected to participant in academic monitoring during the Spring and/or Summer sessions

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