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New Financial Aid Award Letters are here!
See Financial Aid Award Notification and Acceptance Process for details.

Attention: Beginning May 2015, the FSA ID, made up of a username and password, will replace the Federal Student Aid PIN. All students, parents, and borrowers will be required to use an FSA ID to access certain U.S. Department of Education websites. For details and help on how to create your own FSA ID.

Helpful Financial Aid Information:



Important Dates by Term:

Fall 2015

08/10/2015 Fall Bookstore Credit Program begins
08/22/2015 Fall semester begins
09/04/15 Fall Bookstore Credit Program ends
09/11/2015 Fall disbursement begins
12/04/2015 Fall loan deadline - all loan requests must be submitted by 12 p.m. (noon)
12/31/2015 Fall semester ends

Spring 2016

12/29/2015 Spring Bookstore Credit Program begins
01/10/2016 Spring semester begins
01/20/2016 Spring Bookstore Credit Program ends (4 p.m.)
01/29/2016 Spring disbursement begins
04/26/16 Spring 2015 deadline - all loan requests must be submitted by 12 p.m. (noon)
05/03/2016 Spring semester ends

Summer 2016

04/18/2016 Summer Bookstore Credit Program begins
05/07/2016 Summer semester begins
05/18/2016 Summer Bookstore Credit Program ends
05/27/2016 Summer disbursement begins
08/08/2016 Summer loan deadline - all loan requests must be submitted by 12 p.m. (noon)
08/16/2016 Summer semester ends

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