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Federal Work Study Program: The Federal Work Study program provides funding of students in a variety of on-campus jobs. Students who are employed under Federal Work Study earn an hourly wage and are paid every two weeks. Earnings from the Federal Work-Study program are typically used to pay for a student's indirect educational expenses rather than applied to tuition and fee charges on the student account. Students must have a completed financial aid file in the Financial Aid Office before they can be considered for any work study position.

State Work Study Program: This program is similar to the Federal Work Study program but eligibility for the program is limited to residents of the State of Minnesota.

Student Worker: Student worker positions are on-campus jobs which are not funded by either work study program. Students do not need to be eligible for financial aid to be hired for these positions. Positions are funded through the university departmentsí budgets.

More information about student positions and employment opportunities can be found online.

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