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Please be aware that the following university-wide exemption criteria are the bottom line.  However, some colleges such as the College of Management or programs such as Biology and computer-related ones may require their students to take the math placement tests because they require college algebra, even if a student has satisfied the Goal IV requirement with logical reasoning, statistics or other courses. 

Exemption from ALL Assessment Requirements is granted if you:

  • have  a Bachelor's degree or higher, or
  • have completed an Associate of Arts degree at a MnSCU institution, or
  • have completed the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.

Math Assessment Exemption is granted if you:

  • have transferred in credits that satisfy MnSCU Goal IV: Mathematical/Logical Reasoning requirement, or
  • have an ACT math score of 22 or higher less than three(3) years old.

Reading/Writing Assessment Exemption is granted if you:

  • have fulfilled one or both requirements for Part I Writing of MnSCU Goal I: Communication, or
  • have transferred in 90+ semester credits, or
  • have an ACT Reading/English score of 21/18 or higher less than three (3) years old. 

In addition, you are also granted an exemption if our records system shows you have Accuplacer scores from other MnSCU institutions that were completed in the last three years.  However, we put a registration hold on your record because we need to provide you with the placement information based on Metropolitan course offerings.

Note:  We also acknowledge your progress if you have followed the course placement in another MnScu institution. Contact us by phone or email.

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