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  Appeal to Graduate After Deadline
This form is to be completed by the student who has missed the posted deadline to apply to graduate.
  Appeal to Walk in Commencement Before Graduating
Metropolitan State University encourages graduates to participate in the commencement ceremony for the term in which they are officially graduating. If you are not officially graduating this semester but want to participate in the upcoming Commencement ceremony, please submit an appeal form.
  Authorization to Grant or Revoke Access to Student Educational Records
Complete this form to grant or revoke authorization for Metropolitan State University to release your educational records to a third party, such as a spouse or parent.
  Common Market Passport
This form is for use by undergraduate students who wish to participate in the Common Market Passport program. To qualify, students must have at least a 2.0 GPA and be classified as at least an sophomore. For more information, refer to: http://bit.ly/dUY6jh
  Duplicate Diploma Request
This form is for use by any graduate of Metropolitan State University who wishes to request a duplicate diploma. DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO REQUEST YOUR ORIGINAL DIPLOMA.
  Graduation Packet
The Graduation Packet contains a commencement checklist, ceremony guidelines, college designation information, obtaining accomodations, and FAQs.
  Immunization Record
Students must complete this form and submit it if they will be enrolling for two or more courses per term, see the instructions for additional information.
  Name or Social Security Number Change
This form is for current and former students who wish to declare a legal name or social security number change.
  Non-Disclosure of Directory Information Request
This form is used by students who do not wish to have their directory information disclosed, and also by students who wish to reverse that decision.
  Official Transcript Request
Use this form to request an official transcript if unable to order a transcript online.
  Parent School Letter Request
This form is for any students attending Metropolitan State University receiving Veterans Educational Benefits and taking courses at another institution.
  Prior Competence Eval Proposal
Use this updated form, additional information available at http://www.metrostate.edu/cls/index.html
  Registration Appeal
This form is intended for a student who wishes to request a drop or withdrawal from a course(s) after the drop or withdrawal deadline when an extenuating circumstance has occurred.
  Registration Request
Complete this form to add/drop/withdraw from courses only if you are unable to use Student eServices for some unexpected reason.
  Repeat Course
Submit this form after successfully repeating a course with a passing grade.
  Resident Classification Request
This form is for undergraduate and graduate students who are being charged out-of-state tuition, and wish to be considered for in-state tuition. THIS FORM IS NOT FOR USE BY INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS.
  Student Designed Independent Study Proposal
This form is intended for students who wish to request credit for independent study (SDIS).
  Transfer Credit Appeal
Use this form to exercise your right to appeal a transfer credit evaluation decision.
  Veterans / Military Student Deferment Agreement
This form is for use by qualifying veteran and military students who are receiving veterans educational benefits who wish to defer their tuition, fees and book costs at Metropolitan State University.
  Veterans Enrollment Certificate
Qualifying students who wish to enroll in one of the benefit programs listed in section 2, or existing students using Veterans Education Benefits who want to report enrollment and / or changes to their enrollment.