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The Math Center is no longer offering graphing calculator workshops. Instead, there are packets of graphing calculator handouts available at the Saint Paul or Midway locations. Feel free to pick up a packet and bring your questions to the tutors during drop-in or appointment hours.

Graphing Calculator Handout Packets

Each packet will start with introductory level calculator skills, intended for students who have never used the graphing calculator before and will be taking MATH 115 College Algebra, MATH 120 Precalculus, and STAT 201 Statistics I. We will explore the essential operations of the calculator as well as the Equation Editor and Graphing features.

The second packet is intended for students who have used the calculator before and will be taking STAT 201 Statistics I. We will explore the Statistics and Distribution menus and introduce techniques used in descriptive and inferential statistics.

Bring your own calculator and we'll see you at the Center!

You can bring your calculator to drop-in hours starting September 4. There will be a designated tutor who will teach you up to five calculator techniques in fifteen minutes. If you drop in once a week, you could learn the packet material in five weeks!

Questions? Concerns? Contact us at centerfolk@metrostate.edu or 651-793-1460. Updated August 27, 2012

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