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We welcome calls or visits from Metropolitan State Community and Resident Faculty. We're here to help you and your students with the science components of your courses, no matter what you teach. Here are some of the ways we have worked with your colleagues:

Help We Can Offer You:

  • Classroom Visits: All of our classroom visits include a ten-minute description of the services that we offer students. Please request your visits at least a week in advance.

Help You Can Offer Us:

  • Encourage all of your students to work with us.
  • Use the following paragraph in your syllabus:

Science Center

The Science Center provides science support services to Metropolitan State students and faculty. Students work with the center's consultants on specific assignments or on individual science issues. Free consultations by appointment and drop-in hours are available to all enrolled students. Students may visit the center in person, communicate with tutors by email or arrange for a telephone conference.

To make an appointment or learn more about the center's services, call 651-793-1460 or send an e-mail to centerfolk@metrostate.edu.

Required Visits

Sometimes instructors would like all of their students to experience the Science Center, so they think about requiring a visit or offering extra credit. We welcome such visits; students who are required to come in for a tutorial often return on their own, especially when everyone in the class has met the same expectations. Our experience is that students learn more and are better served when every student is invited to use our services and none are singled out.

If you're considering requiring visits or offering extra credit, please do so early in the semester, when students have plenty of opportunities to work on their science over the whole term. We will happily confirm that students have been here, and it works well for everyone when students come in with a form for the tutor to sign. Sadly, it isn't possible for us to send e-mail confirmations except to distance teachers and learners.

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