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How to Submit a Test

Overview: In order to effectively utilize the Testing Center, an instructor must provide two items for each test: the test itself and a coversheet describing the test and its deliver. Both items must be complete and received in the Testing Center before students are allowed to make an appointment. When either is missing or incomplete, the student will be re-directed to the instructor.

Detailed procedure:

  1. Create your tests using page headers and footers that include: instructor name, class with section and title, semester, year, and page numbers. It is also helpful to include the testing time limit and the use of any allowed testing aids (books, notes, calculator, etc.).
  2. Please download the Instructor Coversheet, and complete all categories on this pdf-fillable form. Please be sure to list all students permitted to take the exam. Note: you may need to clear your browser cache in order to access the most current version of the Instructor Coversheet.
  3. Save the Coversheet to your desktop. Name it using your First Name initial, Last Name, Course Number, and Test Name as the file name. Example: RJohnsonMath115Test2.
  4. Submit the test and coversheet together via email from your Metropolitan State email account to Testing.Center@metrostate.edu .
  5. Once you have submitted the test and coversheet, notify your students that they may contact the Testing Center to make an appointment. For more information, refer to the Student Procedures.
  6. By the end of each day, the Testing Center processes all the completed tests. Tests are returned via scanned email for all Faculty. In addition, you have the option on the Coversheet for us to return the original exam via US Mail for Community Faculty and either Interoffice mail or US Mail for Resident Faculty. If you wish to pick up a completed exam, you must do so during the operating hours at the Testing Center where the exam was proctored.

Observations & tips

Experience informs our work in the Testing Center. The following are suggestions from experience that make the work of the Testing Center much easier:

  • Submit your tests and coversheets before you ask students to make appointments. The Testing Center will not make an appointment unless all the required information has been received.
  • Note that we no longer accept paper copies of tests because it is too difficult to store and manage the distribution across multiple testing centers.
  • Please consider adding course information and test information directly to your test copy. This simplifies test handling and eliminates the need to transcribe the proctoring guidelines on the tests. You may also wish to share the Instructor Coversheet with your students to help them understand your expectations.
  • Take the time to include in the Coversheet the names of those students permitted to take the exam. For classroom courses (including hybrids), students will not be allowed to make an appointment unless they are named in the coversheet.
  • Note the delivery of completed exams may take a few days, depending on the mode of delivery. Please plan the last day an exam may be taken carefully, especially at the end of the semester.
  • There are only two active testing centers at Metropolitan State: one at the Midway campus and one at the Minneapolis campus. Both of these testing centers provide disability related accomodations for students registered in the Office of Disability services.
  • There is currently no testing at the St. Paul campus.
  • The use of personal computing devices is not currently allowed in the Testing Center, as we have no effective way of monitoring their use. This policy is under review as we work to accommodate new media, such as eBooks.

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