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Orienting Graduate Students to our Services

Graduate students may find the Writing Center a useful resource. Tutors in the center appreciate the complex nature of both the ideas that graduate students grapple with and the writing projects they undertake.

You can help us help your students by familiarizing them with the following points:

  • Tutors assist students at all stages of the writing process, for instance, generating a topic, organizing ideas, trying to strengthen transitions, improving word choices, and working to understand grammar and mechanics.
  • Students do the work on their essays; tutors model strategies, help students understand concepts, and/or show students ways to develop their writing skills.
  • Some tutors have expertise or experience in particular subject areas, so when a student schedules an appointment, she may ask to work with a tutor who has a background in a particular field.
  • It's best for students and tutors to discuss only one or two problems per session.
  • Discussing drafts longer than six pages may require more than one session--a few visits over a period of time--even if only one issue or problem is being addressed.

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