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The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is an academic field dedicated to the study of teaching and learning, particularly in postsecondary settings.

SoTL can involve classroom-based research, pedagogical reflection, and institution-wide assessment. It finds its roots in a variety of fields (such as education, psychology, and composition studies). Much of the content in the SoTL section is drawn from the good work of Stonehill College and its Center for Teaching and Learning (Great thanks to Stacy Grooters for copyright permission and to John Lanci from Stonehill College for creating much of this content).

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SoTL Methods

SoTL and Human Subjects Review Board at Metropolitan State

Journals and Conferences

SoTL Resources, Fellowships and Grants

Illinois State University SoTL Blog, The SoTL Advocate. Its mission is to supporting efforts to make public the reflection and study of teaching and learning at ISU and beyond…

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