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All videos and lessons available at lynda.com have closed captioning and transcripts. Closed captioning is a feature where spoken words are transcribed to a text track. If you have ever watched a film with subtitles this is the same feature found in lynda.com. You can activate closed captioning following the instructions below. Instructions are also available on pdf and video.

Activating Closed Captioning and Finding Transcripts

  1. Choose a course

    screenshot of how to choose a course

    Click image for larger view

  2. Choose the "transcript" tab if you wish for a detailed view of available transcripts for your lesson

    screenshot showing transcripts and captioning tabs

    Click image for larger view

  3. To activate closed captioning choose the "preferences" tab
  4. Turn "on" closed captioning and update your preference

    screenshot closed captioning preferences

    Click image for larger view

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