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Find the answers to frequently asked questions, get help sheets or find the right person to ask about lynda.com. For a more full FAQ for lynda.com please go to the main FAQ site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go directly to lynda.com to view the tutorials?

Yes, but only AFTER you create an account at the university page or do an initial login to establish your Metropolitan State credentials. After you are confirmed as a member of the Metropolitan State community then you will have access to all of lynda.com's tutorials.

Who can access the lynda.com training materials?

Any active member of the university community including students, faculty and staff can access the lynda.com training materials.

Do I need to recreate an account at lynda.com?

As a first time user you will be asked to provide information so that your sessions are personalized. After that, all you need to access the courses is your Metropolitan State login and password that are used to access the university portal or email account. If you already have a lynda.com account you just need to login using the school login page and use your existing lynda.com login and password.

Which password do I use to log in?

The same password for that is used for university email or the portal. For further information about logins check here.

How do I know if I am logged in?

You will be able to access all video tutorials on the lynda.com site and you should see your user name in the upper left corner.

Can I access lynda.com through a wireless network connection?

Yes, you can connect through the university wifi network or any off-campus wireless connection that's available.

Can I access the tutorials from off campus?

Yes. You can access the tutorials in the same way as on campus. You can access tutorials on any equipment that can support a web browser including smart phones and tablets like the iPad.

I'm having trouble logging in. What might be wrong?

If you are having trouble logging in, enter your full email address as the user name. Also make sure you are using your Metropolitan State password that is used for your email.

Do we have access to the full library or just the "free sample training"?

Everyone at the university has access to the full library of the lynda.com tutorials once you login with your Metropolitan State ID.

How do I track my progress?

If you choose to use this free service, it becomes your responsibility to track your own progress.  This is easy to do if you follow the instructions.

What are the minimum machine requirements for using lynda.com?

Here are the system requirements for full site and mobile access.

Are there help sheets?

Yes, here are the help sheets that are available on this site:


Technical issues such as login or needing Metropolitan State account activation are with IT Services at 651-793-1240 or it.desk@metrostate.edu.

For training requests please contact fred.carpenter@metrostate.edu.

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