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Keep track and record your progress in multiple ways. Learn how to track your progress and certificates of completion online and record that progress via web snapshots. You can share your accomplishments through email, printouts and even web banners.

It is easy to keep track and record your progress. After logging in through the university, go to the link titled, "my courses" to see your complete course history, which shows your progress and the time last viewed.

screenshot of course history
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Take a web snapshot of your progress by following the instructions provided using either the browser screen capture tool or use either the snipping tool (Windows 7) or Grab (OS X) utilities on your computer. You can also use default screenshot keys using your keyboard. Alternatively, you can install the Awesome Screenshot tool in your browser. Help Sheet (pdf)

Certificates of Completion

If you have completed a full course you can find your certificate of completion under the "my courses" link. You can view, print out, email or share the good news of your certificate. Help Sheet (pdf)

screenshot of certificate
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