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Technology Support Issues

In order to best meet technology support issues within Metropolitan State University and its campuses, please submit requests and report issues directly to 651-793-1240, e-mail or submit your own IT Work Order.

Please send your request to the IT desk and do not directly contact individual IT staff members. We have multiple people trained to do each task and going directly to an IT staff member can cause delays in resolving your problem if the person you select is working on other tasks or out of the office for the day. We will assign your request to one of our staff best trained to resolve your issue and thus reduce your wait time.

Some things the IT desk can help you with are:

  • network or email problems
  • application errors
  • 'how-to' assistance
  • system errors
  • software installation
  • technology purchasing requests
  • new staff setups
  • new project proposals
  • systems access problems
  • website problems
  • audio visual equipment problems

Website Problems & Issues

Website problems such as page cannot be displayed, university directory, portal problems, etc. contact the IT desk.

Website issues such as content updates, please submit an IT Work Order.

Audio Visual Issues

Example: projector light bulb, speakers not working, microphones problems, etc. contact the IT desk.

Audio Visual (AV) requests should be made via the multi-media request form.

Expedite Your Resolution

Providing the following information will help us solve your problem faster and more efficiently. Useful information includes things like:

  • Exact error messages.
  • Name of application you are working with.
  • What you were doing when the error occurred such as: saving a word document, opening your H drive, sending a print job, etc.
  • Can you recreate the error?
  • Does this problem prevent you from doing any work?
  • Do other people in your area have the same problem?
  • Webpage problem include URL (for example www.metrostate.edu/it/selfhelp.html)

Incomplete requests to IT often result in delayed response and extended resolution times. What may seem an insignificant detail could be key information to resolving your issue or problem. Below are a few made up scenarios used to illustrate some common reasons why problem resolution may take longer than necessary.

  • The need to contact requester for more information.
    • Reported issue: "Can't access network drive" (review of problem looks ok)
    • Real Problem: "Can't access network drive FROM HOME" (this is a very different issue with a different solution needed)
  • The issue may seem like it belongs to one area when actually it belongs in another so the request gets incorrectly assigned.
    • Reported issue: "Can't log into the portal" (assigned to network person)
    • Real problem: "Can't log into a MnSCU site from within the Portal" (now has to be routed to MnSCU helpdesk)
  • Priority levels for requests may not be set appropriately if the issue is unclear and high priority items may fall behind low priority items.
    • Reported issue: "I can't run a report that the President needs for a meeting" resulting in resources (people) pulled from current task of fixing the CD drive in the mail room.
    • Result: Report problem is fixed and it is discovered this report is needed for meeting in 3 days. The CD drive is not fixed in time delaying packages that should have been sent out today.
  • IT staff may show up to assist with a request only to find out they should have brought something with them but were unaware of it until they arrive.
    • Reported issue: Having problems with LCD projector. (AV staff come to classroom to diagnose problem)
    • Real problem: Remote control is missing from classroom. (AV staff could have brought the remote with them)

From the above examples, we hope you can see how being as specific as possible or describing in detail the nature of a problem will minimize the loss of valuable time when technology does not quite live up to our expectations. This is especially important when staff need to determine whether an on-site visit is needed during off-site hours.

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