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Faculty, staff and students are assigned various IDs and usernames for different tasks. The following illustrations and table outline the differences between each ID and username, as well its proper usage:

Student Accounts

E‐Services Login / MNSCU Services Login

  • Your Tech ID is found at the top right corner of your Admission Acceptance letter; it is also the eight-digit number located on the front of your university ID card.

  • Personal Identification Number, PIN, is defaulted to either YYMMDD format of your birth date (starts only, with the last two digits of birthyear, no spaces or slashes) or the last six digits of your Social Security Number or a PIN/Password you have changed the default PIN from.
Student Accounts login information graphic

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Employee Accounts

Login Username Example For Assistance Contact:

Star ID

Star ID login graphic

2 letters, 4 numbers, 2 letters

(e.g. ab1234cd)

Star ID Information


ISRS Username

ISRS login graphic

First six letters of last name followed by first two letters of first name

(Sally Erickson e.g. erickssa)

Security forms for access setup


State Employee ID

eServices login graphic

8 digits with leading zero

(e.g. 01002012)

Password: Self-reset with User ID and Social Security number.

Forgot Employee ID or, to reset PIN:


Portal Login

Portal login graphic

ID Card graphic

(Max) 8 characters alpha or alpha-numeric

(e.g. erickssa or ericks01)

Forgot username and/or password


8 digits with leading zeros

(e.g. 00000234)

Tech ID and PIN Information


  • Star ID
    Access e-Timesheet, ISRS web applications, etc.

  • ISRS username
    Access ISRS, Integrated statewide record system

  • State Employee ID
    State employee self services website, paystubs, W2, update personal information, etc.

  • Portal login
    E-mail, D2L, Shared Drives, Announcements, on-campus wired & wireless networks, etc.

  • Tech ID & PIN login
    Activate Portal account, course attendance verification, enter grades, DARs, etc.
Portal Login E-Services Login What is Portal?

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