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Contacting Multimedia Services

The multimedia staff are located in the IT department, New Main L105.

Email: IT.Desk@metrostate.edu
Phone: 651-793-1240

Multimedia Classroom Information FAQ

  • What are Multimedia Rooms?
    Multimedia Rooms are classrooms with the following multimedia equipment installed in the room: PC Computer, ceiling mounted LCD projector, VCR/DVD player,integrated sound systems with microphone.

  • Where are Multimedia Rooms located?
    Multimedia rooms are located on the Saint Paul campus at the following locations:
    • New Main L205, L209, L212, and Saint Paul Room
    • Founders Hall L120 and 301
    • Library and Learning Center 132, 301, 306, 307, 308, 310, 312, 321, 329
    • The Ecolab Community Room (Library and Learning Center 302) has enhanced Multimedia Room equipment for larger groups.

    How to reserve a Multimedia Room

    How to plan an ITV Event

    1. First check the availability of the ITV rooms. In St. Paul, you may use either NM L212 or LIB 302, in Minneapolis MEC 2300, at LECJEC 204, at Midway J. If the rooms are available, reserve them through the scheduling office. Be sure to allow a half hour for connection before the start of your event for each room.

    2. Contact METNET. The METNET form is available on the web at http://www.metnet.edu/video/itvreqform.html. You will be asked to provide the E164 number, the IP address, the room's number and the name and phone number of a contact person for each location. Submit the form to METNET. Directions are on the form.

    3. METNET will send an e-mail to IT Desk asking Metropolitan State to accept the event.

    4. The IT Desk will then put the ITV event on the calendar and assign someone to be in the rooms on each campus to make the connection at the time of the event.

    Equipment Reservations

    Equipment for all locations except the Minnapolis campus can be reserved by submitting an online Multimedia Equipment Reservation form. Equipment reservations for the Minneapolis campus can be reserved by using MCTC's multi media request form.

    Reservations must be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance when using the Multimedia Equipment Reservation form. However, since the quantity of equipment is limited, it is highly recommended that reservations be made as far in advance as possible. You can contact the IT Desk if you have any questions.

    Equipment FAQ

    • How do I operate or troubleshoot multimedia room equipment?
      See the Multimedia Rooms Quick Reference Guide: http://www.metrostate.edu/applications/drep/files/classrefguide.pdf
      If you are still having issues, contact the IT Desk.

    • How do I operate or troubleshot multimedia equipment in the Ecolab Community Room?
      See the Ecolab Community Room Quick Reference Guide: http://www.metrostate.edu/applications/drep/files/commrefguide.pdf

      If you are still having issues, contact the IT Desk.

    • What if equipment fails while I'm using it?
      Contact the IT Desk as soon as possible and someone from multimedia services will be dispatched to assist you.

    • A piece of equipment I need is usually in my class, so why isn't it in there now?
      It wasn't ordered for that room. If equipment has wheels on it, don't assume it will be there when you need it. If it hasn't been ordered for your class, it may be pulled out for use in another classroom.

    • Can you unlock a classroom for me?
      Security MUST be called to unlock any classroom.

    • How do I obtain classroom supplies?
      All classrooms are equipped with erasers and dry erase board markers. If you need additional supplies, please contact the IT Desk.


    If you would like training on any of the equipment, please call in advance or schedule an appointment at the time you reserve the equipment.

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