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Personal Network Storage
Staff, faculty, and students have access to 100 mb personal network storage which allows them to save, edit, retrieve or delete folders and files to a network server.

Shared Network Storage

  • Faculty and Staff: You may have access to one or more shared folders depending on your responsibility and access needs.
  • Students: Students may access shared folders for courses and student projects. Shared folders are viewable for all students. Shared folders are deleted on the last day of the semester. Network server files are backed up on tape nightly. Students may access files saved in network storage on campus or via the Portal.
  • How do I access a shared folder?

Access Network Storage via the Portal

  1. Login to the Portal
  2. Access drive from the "Home Drive Access (H:)" link inside the "Personal Tools" window.

Accessing Network Storage/Home Directories from a Metropolitan State computer

  • Every user has a personal folder on the network called their Home Directory. Only you are able to see or save to your home directory.
  • Your home directory starts with your username and ends with the drive letter H. example: jonesma on Vshm7\Hm7 (H:).
  • How to access your home directory:
    1. Login with your username and password
    2. Double click on the My Computer icon:
    3. Under the Network Drives heading, find the drive labeled with your username.
  • You may create a shortcut to your Home directory on your desktop by right clicking on the icon and selecting Create a Shortcut.

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