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Addressing Student Distress or Crisis (link)
Addressing Student Distress or Crisis was created to help when difficult occasions arise...it offers straightforward advice, techniques and suggestions on how to cope with distressed students.

Bomb Threats (pdf)
Immediately notify Administrative Affairs or the Safety Office with information received from the caller, e-mail or letter and remain calm. Do not evacuate the building until directed by campus or other emergency officials.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures - Severe Weather, Fire and Chemical(pdf)
This procedure outlines evacuations for these interests... For Fire - immediately pull the closest Fire Pull Station in your area, inform others and evacuate the buildings. Contact the Campus Safety Officer to inform them of the location of the fire.

Emergency Procedure Book (pdf)
This red book outlines a variety of non-emergency and emergency procedures and policies and can be useful as a reference book.  Copies can be obtained by the Safety Officer desks or by calling the safety staff or director.

Emergency Public Address Notifications (pdf)
Information relevant to notifying the university before, during or after an incident can be obtained in these instructions

Fire Drill Evacuation Process (pdf)
Be prepared!  Fire drills are used as an avenue to systematically identify various fire safety issues.

Class Cancellation Emergency Closing (pdf)
In the event of adverse weather conditions, this policy outlines the closure process for students and employees. For Tornado Warnings the Public Address System will direct everyone to interior hallways on the lowest floors of the buildings until an all clear is given.

Lock Down and Active Shooter (pdf)
If you are able to safely leave the building, do so immediately. If you are not able to leave, lock or barricade your door, call 9-911 on campus phones or 911 on cell phones and report your location and other information relevant to the incident. Remain in the secured area until directed otherwise by emergency officials.

  • Shots Fired - When Lightning Strikes - Provides the individual employee, staff member and/or associate with critical guidance on how to recognize and survive an active shooter situation. Contact the Director of Public Safety for training and a power point presentation on this video.

MnSCU System Office Fire/EMS/Safety Center


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