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Public Parking
There is no daily public parking available to the general public unless it involves business on the campus.

Parking Costs

  • Saint Paul Campus - Interim Parking Information
  • Minneapolis Campus is $5.00 per day or $2.50 with a prepaid (debit) parking card. 
    • For Metropolitan State employees working at the Saint Paul Campus, you will need to receive a MCTC issued parking hang tag at the security desk located near the parking ramp skyway. The security officer will need to see your Metropolitan State ID card. You will need to pay the $5 parking fee or use your MCTC prepaid (debit) parking card and complete an Employee Expense Report for reimbursement every time you park at the MCTC parking ramp.
  • Midway Center is free.
  • Brooklyn Park Campus: students taking classes at this location pay a fee per credit.

Prepaid (Debit) Parking Cards

  • Saint Paul Campus:
    • No prepaid (debit) parking cards will be available to purchase during the construction of the parking ramp beginning May 6, 2014.
  • Minneapolis Campus:
    • Metropolitan State students and employees have the option of purchasing a prepaid (debit) parking card for the Minneapolis Campus. Parking cost $2.50 with the card. To purchase a card or for refunds, go to the Minneapolis Community and Technical College's (MCTC) cStore (no room number) on the first floor of the Helland Student Center.

Payroll Deduction Parking

  • Employees Working at the Saint Paul Campus:
    • Payroll deduction parking is only available to those who are lottery winners.
  • Employees Working at the Minneapolis Campus:
    • To sign up for payroll deduction parking, contact Building Services Department's office manager at 651-793-1714.
    • Parking information for the Saint Paul Campus, go to the Interim Parking - Saint Paul Campus Web page.

Handicap Parking

Handicap parking is available on all campuses.

Emergency Code Blue Phones

Emergency code blue phones are installed in the parking lots of the Saint Paul Campus. They are located:
  • Seventh Street parking lot north of St. John's Hall
  • Library's main east parking lot
These emergency phones have one panic button that when pressed dials directly into the safety officer's cell phone for emergency related calls only. These phones DO NOT make other calls.

Parking Violations on the Saint Paul Campus

  • As a courtesy to our neighbors, please Do Not Park in front of homes around campus - off street parking is limited. If you have any questions, please call the Safety Office at 651-793-1725.
  • Parking violations will be issued to address the increasing number of violators parking along yellow fine lanes within the center courtyard, parking for over 30 minutes in the center lot designated for drop off and pickup, no parking permit displayed in the seventh street lot, and for expired or misused permits as well as other violations.
  • Fines associated with parking violations are proven as effective tools in managing and deterring parkers who consistently abuse parking privilege rights. Our goal is to offer an accessible environment for emergency vehicles during times of crisis, to increase pedestrian safety and to reestablish appropriate parking practices.
  • Parking Violation Fines
    No Parking Permit Displayed $20.00
    Over Yellow Line or End of Row $20.00
    Fire Lane Parking Violation $25.00
    Parking in a Reserved Parking Space $25.00
    Parking in Roadway/Obstructing Traffic $25.00
    Expired/Altered/Misused Permit $50.00
    Handicapped Parking Violation $200.00

    Vehicle descriptions are permanently recorded.
  • Citation Payment

    Payment of citations is to be directed to the Cashier's Office and requires a copy of the citation. Payment is due 14 day from the Date of Issuance (date is written on the citation by the issuer) or a $20.00 late fee will be added.

  • Failure to Pay Citation Failure Could Result In
    • Loss of the use of the parking lot
    • A vehicle being immobilized or towed
    • College administration sanctions
  • Violations During the Same Semester
    • A second violation will result in doubling of the fine.
    • A third violation will result in tripling of the fine.
    • A fourth violation will result in a tow at the owner's expense and loss of parking privileges at the university.

Tips on Personal Safety in Parking Lots, Ramps and Streets

Personal safety tips for before, when and after parking and when returning to your car.

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