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Teens Know Best

What is TKB?
The Teens Know Best (TKB) book club is for teens 12-18 who want to read and review young adult (YA) books that aren’t available to the public yet. YA Publishers read TKB member reviews and use them to influence their future decisions. You can check them out on Facebook.

When does TKB meet?
The group gets free pizza and talks about the books from 6:30pm-8:30pm, on the second Tuesday of every month, year-round.

Where does TKB meet?

In Room 302 (on the third floor) of the shared Metropolitan State University Library/Dayton’s Bluff Library at 645 E.7th Street, St. Paul.

How do I get access to the books?

Members receive a special Metropolitan State University library card that lets them check out books from the TKB collection. Please bring proof of age (school ID, passport, or birth certificate) to your first meeting so that you can get this library card.

  • The collection is available whenever the Metropolitan State University Library is open.
  • You can find TKB books by the green dots on their covers.
  • Check out as many books as you like.
  • The borrowing period is 28 days with one renewal for an extra 28 days.

TKB is part of the YA Galley Group Project. What is that?
YA Galley connects YA publishers with teen book discussion groups that meet in libraries. Groups at participating libraries nominate books for the annual "Teens' Top Ten," an award given by teens from around the world. Visit the YALSA Teen Reading site to learn more.


You can reach Marika Staloch at marika.staloch@ci.stpaul.mn.us
The Dayton's Bluff library's main phone number is 651-793-1699. The Metropolitan State University Library main phone number is 651-793-1616.

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