Tips for Better Search Results lightbulblightlightlight

Be specific
* Use nouns and unique words
* Put the most important words first
* Generally, all words you put in the search box will be used, so choose carefully and be succinct.

If you were interested in finding out how many people live in the city of Minneapolis, you could search for:
Minneapolis MN population

Use quotes around phrases so the search engine will search for the words as a phrase not as separate words To look for a term, rather than search the individual words in a term, use quotes around it:
"world health organization"

Use a minus sign - in front of a word to exclude its presence in your search

If you wanted pages on fusion but not cold fusion you can prevent "cold" from being searched:
-cold fusion  
Use the advanced search that is available for many search engines or find other tips in the help section.
If you were interested in limiting your search to a specific domain, click on the advanced search link on the Google homepage and fill out the box to only search .gov sites.
Use parentheses around terms that are alike. Enter connectors in capital letters
(adolescents OR teenagers)

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