A. The World Trade Organization

Reliable. This site is indeed the real site for the World Trade Organization. This is a tricky example, but a good one because it shows you how critical you need to be of information you find on the internet. Note the "In the WTO" and the "What is the WTO" links on the main page. These pages should be immediatly noticeable and give you much need information.

Not reliable. This website is an incredible reproducation that mimics the real site. If you closely study the "In the WTO" link, you'll realize that the site is a fake, as it claims that "the World Trade Organization has decided to effect a cessation of all operations, to be accomplished over a period of several months." You should ask yourself: have I heard about this? Is this real? A further clue is that the "press release" is dated 2002; the information is old.

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