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Note: Your comments go to the book's publisher. The more lively and detailed your comments are, the more useful they are to the publishers and our blog readers. Please remember that generic statements such as "This was a good book" or "I love this book" without further substantative explanation/ exploration of why you came to this conclusion, will be interpreted as forgettable by professionals in the publishing community. Use these prompts (with link to the criteria questions at the bottom) to help you develop your points.

Note: This review form should be completed by members of the Teens Know Best program .

Reader (Your Name) :
Title of Book:
Pub. Date:
Would you like to nominate for Teens' Top Ten? 
If yes, please give us a 2 or 3 sentence annotation/ summary of the book that will make other teens want to read it:
Convince us to read the book.  Tell us which stylistic elements were strong (or which needed improvement, if you would not recommend the book).  Keep in mind these elements as you respond: plot voice, character development, dialogue etc.
What qualities of the book make it memorable for you, or if you had the opposite reaction, why was it forgettable?
Did the cover tempt you to pick up the book or turn you off? Did it reflect the contents?
Did you finish the book?

Select all age ranges of readers suited for this book:
Select one Q (Quality) rating and one P (Popularity) rating:

Additional Comments:

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Here are some questions to help you develop your review. Feel free to use specific examples to illustrate why you responded as you did:

  • Does the story hold your interest? What about the book keeps you reading?
  • Are you able to follow the story, does it make sense to you? Is there anything about the book that seems ?hard to buy??
  • How do you relate to the theme of the book? Is it important to you? Why or why not?
  • Is the book thought provoking? If so, how has it affected the way you think or feel about the subject?
  • What do you notice about the way the author wrote, the way he or she used language and descriptions? How does it affect your reading experience?
  • How well are the characters developed? Do they seem believable, like you know them? What either makes them feel real to you or doesn?t ring true? What makes you care about these characters (or not!)?
  • Does the dialogue sound natural and authentic?
  • Are the characters complex? Do they have strengths and weaknesses?
  • What qualities and/or features of the book make it memorable for you, or, if you have the opposite impression, why do you find it forgettable?

If the book is non-fiction, some additional questions you might want to consider in addition to those already listed above:

  • How did the photographs, drawings, or other visuals affect your reading experience?
  • What gave you the impression that the author did their ?homework? on the topic?
  • How would you rate the organizational structure of the book? Did it make sense? Was it easy to follow? What did you notice about the overall format and design?

Your hard work and feedback are greatly appreciated!

Adapted/Revised from "SeeMe4Books" & Jessica Goff, Crosswinds Middle School Rating Sheet/Peskorz/BBYA February 2005, TKB 2011

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