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A student can use the following registration appeal form to petition for a retroactive drop or withdrawal within 90 days from the end of a course due to extenuating circumstances.

pdf Registration Appeal Form

Tuition refund information can be viewed at: http://www.metrostate.edu/tuition/refund.html

Academic Appeals

Appeals for decisions related to grades, and program and graduation requirements, Ombudsman contact information.

Academic appeal information for the following areas can be viewed at: http://www.metrostate.edu/msweb/pathway/gateway/acad_appeals.html

Transfer Appeals for General Education and Liberal Studies

This form is for appealing the transfer decision made regarding the courses applied towards the general education and liberal studies (GELS) requirements. Students are encouraged to work with their academic advisor to review and understand their DARS report and to discuss appealing transfer credit before submitting an appeal.

For additional information see the Undergraduate Admissions Standards, University Policy #2000.

Transfer Credit Evaluation Appeal for Specific Courses Form

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