In addition to being aware of the terms and conditions around financial aid, students are also obligated to be aware of the following policies:

Eligibility and Enrollment Status for Retaking Coursework
For purposes of calculating enrollment for financial aid, a student may retake a previously passed course (received a grade of "D" or higher) only one time and have it count toward enrollment status.

Loan Pro-ration
The loan pro-ration requirement applies to a student who is enrolled in a program of less than 30 credits (such as an undergraduate certificate) or undergraduate students who plan to graduate from a degree program after attending for only a single semester at Metropolitan State.

Refunds to Minnesota Financial Aid Programs
For students receiving State financial funding, the Minnesota Office of Higher Education refund policies will apply.

Return to Title IV
Students who completely withdraw from all credits before the semester is 60% complete are subject to the Federal Return to Title IV refund policy.

Satisfactory Academic Progress
Federal and State regulations require students to meet academic performance standards to maintain financial aid eligibility.

Verification of Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA)
It is Metropolitan State University's policy to verify ALL student applications selected by the FAFSA processor. Verification documents will be requested of the student upon receipt of the FAFSA. Documents must be received and verification performed before any disbursement of financial aid will be made. Any documents received after 120 days after the last date of enrollment (or date published by the Department of Education, whichever is earlier) will not be processed.