Gateway Ambassadors

Ambassadors for Campus Engagement: The Metropolitan State Student Ambassador program (Ambassadors for Campus Engagement- ACE) will provide a corps of Metropolitan State students with the skills and training necessary to help execute special university functions and represent the university at events both on campus and elsewhere. ACE members serve in various positions on campus and gain valuable leadership experience, which looks great on a resume! They are the bridge between new students, current students, alumni, and Metropolitan State University.


Our mission is to engage our educational community through demonstrated leadership while collaborating and celebrating diversity.

Core Values:

Leadership and development
Engagement and collaboration

Gateway Ambassador's Biography:

Jeremiah Rotich
Roshini Muralidharan
Alana Wang
Prapti Dhakal


Metropolitan State University Ambassador Program Overview (.pdf)

Student Ambassador Application Form (.pdf)

Student Ambassador Agreement (.pdf)

Biographies (.pdf)