Metropolitan State University Ambassadors

Jeremiah Rotich

Name: Jeremiah Rotich

Hometown: Brooklyn Center, Minnesota & Kericho, Kenya

Major: Business Administration

Grade Level: Senior

My Journey to Metro started when I arrived at the United States from Kenya on October 28th, 2001. I was alone and did not know anyone here, but I did have a ride from the airport - or so I thought. Nevertheless, some very kind strangers took me in and showed me the ropes on how to survive as a Minnesotan.

Within three weeks of my arrival, I had a job and was going about my business as if I was born here. But my dream was to further my education and participate in the community. At the beginning of 2009, due to the economic downturn, I lost my job. To me, this was a blessing in disguise as it propelled me to go back to school and pursue my educational goals. I enrolled in Business Management degree. I am happy to say that I exceeded my expectations as I also graduated with AA degree. I am glad to say that I exceeded my expectations as I also graduated with an AA degree, as well as a Global Studies Certification from MCTC this summer. While enrolling at MCTC, my eyes zeroed in at Metro. Why Metro? My goal is to graduate eventually with a Master of Public and Nonprofit Administration. Many people have given to me, and for me to give back to the community effectively and efficiently, I needed to prepare myself appropriately. Metro has the program which would enable me to achieve this goal. In conclusion, allow me to mention that I am currently contributing to the community, both in Minnesota and in Kenya: as a trustee board member of District 279 Foundation and by helping put up a community center back in the village I grew up in Kenya.