Metropolitan State University Ambassadors

Prapti Dhakal

Name: Prapti Dhakal

Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal

Major: Business Administration

Grade Level: Sophomore

Unlike others, I have a very different experience at Metropolitan State University. I am an international student from Nepal. I admitted to the Minnesota State University. I wanted to graduate from one of the top schools in the United States, and so I tried transferring to the University of Minnesota; everything was going well, but at the final moment I was unable to transfer myself over because of an error by my university. However, I had packed my bags and was already present in these lovely Twin Cities. Later, I changed my mind from going back to my old school to staying here in the city. I already had a bunch of good memories, personal connections, and loved the city. Then I looked on the internet for the best schools here in Minneapolis. Metropolitan State University came, popping up to my head again and again along the way. I did not have any personal reason to join MSU, but after I joined here, I get happy about my decision.

The best thing for me about the Metropolitan State University is the staff and the faculty members. It is a blessing that I choose Metropolitan State University. I have never had such a great experience with my professors at other Universities. Professors here are friendly. They help us, the students, with things beyond the courses like offering tutors, letting us know how to build up skills, etc. I am not sure what I will be in my life. Regardless the industry I will join, I know I am going to apply my skills learned at the Metropolitan State University.