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Advising in the College of Sciences

Welcome! We believe you and your advisor share the same goal: your success. Academic advisors in our college are available to help navigate the unique and sequential nature of majors in the science, computing and mathematics degree fields. We assist students with questions or issues while they progress through their degree program after being admitted to the university.

Professional and faculty academic advisors can assist with:

  • Explain requirements from pre-major to declared major status;
  • Discuss course and registration issues;
  • Answer questions related to transfer process;
  • Help with petitions, appeals, exceptions;
  • Provide resources and referrals to career explorations, internship and community engagement opportunities;
  • Serve as a listening ear along your academic journey at Metropolitan State University.
You and your advisor share the same goal: your success!
Characteristics of our major
  • Mathematics: solid foundation in College Algebra MATH 115 is required for progression;
  • Sequential course work: the learning of science and mathematics is a structured process, nearly all major courses have prerequisites;
  • Each major has its own residency and upper division requirements in addition to the university-wide residency requirement;
  • All newly admitted students into the college are in premajor status, other than Chemistry and Environmental Science degrees;

Undergraduate pre-major status

Most degree programs offered in the College of Sciences have a pre-major status. Students select their intended major(s) when they apply for admission to the university; students are then assigned an advisor and given a pre-major status into the program. To be a formally declared major a student must:

    • Successfully complete all major program prerequisites;
    • Met GPA requirements - each major has its own requirement; and
    • Submit an Undergraduate Program Declaration form which is reviewed and approved by the department which the major program resides.
Who is my Academic Advisor

An advisor is assigned upon the completion of the university admission process, based a students intended major(s). If the student is having credits transferred from other institutions, an academic advisor will be assigned after transfer courses are evaluated and a Degree Audit Report (DARS) is completed. 

Once a student has activated their STAR ID account , they are able to find the advisor name and contact information in the DARs report and e-services.

Communication is key to the success of a meaningful professional advising relationship

  • Reach out to your advisor as soon as possible, right after completion of orientation;
  • Help your advisor know you as a whole person, from your interests, skills to your life goals

If you are not assigned to a COS advisor or you cannot reach your advisor, contact the College of Sciences at 651-793-1606 or cos.advising@metrostate.edu for referral to an advisor.