MATH 098 Introduction to Mathematical Thinking

• Requires 39 or higher in Elementary Arithmetic Skills.
• Prerequisite enforcement is on.
• Students with scores below 39 are placed at Adult Basic Education; retesting is the only pathway to enter MATH 98.
• MATH 110 Online Prep Program is not applicable to prospective students of MATH 98.

MATH 110 Math for Liberal Arts

• Requires 50 or higher in Elementary Arithmetic Skills
• Prerequisite enforcement is turned on.

Students with scores below 50 have two pathways into MATH 110:

      • Earn C- or higher MATH 98 or 
      • Complete MATH 110 Online Preparation Course using ALEKS When students  successfully complete the program, they will receive an override from the math department to enter MATH 110

MATH 115 College Algebra and STAT 201 Statistics I

• Require one of the following:

      • Earn C- or higher in MATH 98, OR
      • Earn C- or higher in an Intermediate Algebra course from another institution, OR 
      • A MnSCU system-wide placement score.

Placement decisions based on SAT and ACT scores. Before MnSCU develops a system-wide standard for higher classes such as Precalculus or Calculus, requests should be forwarded to the math department for consideration.

Further questions?  Contact: Ben Weng, Chair, Mathematics Department 651-793-1496 or