"Metrostate" or "Metrostate-Restricted" Wi-Fi Networks

Wireless connections throughout Metropolitan State University are provided for your convenience. The following instructions describe how to connect to the Metropolitan State University network. Students, staff and faculty will need their StarID and StarID password to gain access. 

Wi-Fi networks: Students select "Metrostate", Faculty and staff select "Metrostate-Restricted".

Note: If you are having trouble connecting, follow the guide here first. (.pdf)

Registered Students are permitted to use wireless access for the current semester in which they are actively attending classes.

Metropolitan State University will not be responsible for data loss or PC compromise while you are using a wireless connection. You indicate agreement to assume any and all risk by logging into the Metropolitan State University network through a wireless connection.

StarLAN Wi-Fi Network

Students from any Minnesota State institution may use the StarLAN wi-fi network by logging in with their StarID.

Wireless Access Points

Wireless network coverage is available in all buildings at all four Metropolitan State campuses: Saint Paul, Midway, Minneapolis (MEC), and Brooklyn Park (LECJEC).