Q. Do I have to use my Metropolitan State e-mail account?

A. Metropolitan State University has designated one e-mail system as the official method of communication with students and employees for all university-related business. Metropolitan State holds students and employees responsible for reading university e-mail sent to them via their university e-mail accounts. See the official Metropolitan State University e-mail policy (University Policy #1050).

Q. What is the Portal?

A. The Portal enables students and employees to simultaneously access information, web applications, network storage, e-mail, calendar and more through one web page and a single username and password.

Portal services allow you to do the following:

  • View news and updates specific to you
  • Check e-mail
  • Access library resources
  • Access Brightspace courses and support
  • Get grades
  • Register for classes online
  • Manage personal and shared network storage

Q. How do I access my Metropolitan State user account?

A. Access the Portal link at the top of the Metropolitan State University home page. Enter your username and password, and click the Log On button.

Q. How do I obtain my Metropolitan State user account?

A. Your user account will be created automatically for you and sent to you by email or U.S. Mail within approximately three days after you have registered for a class or online orientation.

Q. What if I forgot my Metropolitan State user account password?

A. Please contact IT Student Services if you have forgotten your username or password. You will be asked to provide some information to verify your identity. Having your TechID available will help speed up the process. Your TechID can be found on your student ID card.

Q. How do I access a shared folder from a Metropolitan State University computer?

A. A shared folder is a network folder that is available to multiple computers and users of the Metropolitan State University network. Such folders are often used by instructors to share course resources.

To access a shared folder:

  1. Click on the Start button.
  2. Click My Computer.
  3. When the new window opens, double-click the appropriate network drive.
  4. Finally, double-click the shared folder you wish to access.You may have one or more shared folders depending on your access needs.

To create a shortcut to your shared folder on your desktop, right-click on the icon and select Create Shortcut.

Q. Does the university offer wireless network access?

A. For your convenience, wireless hotspots are available throughout Metropolitan State University. Campus locations and wireless access instructions for students, staff and faculty can be found here.

Wireless Access Points

St. Paul
Wireless network access is available in all buildings located on the St. Paul campus.

Wireless network access is available in all locations on the Midway campus.

Wireless network access is available at the LECJEC campus.

Wireless network access is available in most Minneapolis campus locations (see Key Locations at lower right).

Please note:

  • Students, faculty, and staff will need their Metropolitan State user name and password to gain access.
  • Registered students are permitted wireless access for the duration of the semester in which they are actively attending classes.
  • Metropolitan State University will not be responsible for data loss or PC compromise while you are using a wireless connection. You indicate agreement to assume any and all risk by logging into the Metropolitan State University wireless network.

Q. How do I contact the IT Help Desk?

A. Contact the IT Help Desk by email at IT.Desk@metrostate.edu, or by phone at: 651-793-1240