Information Technology provides internal and public Listservs for the Metropolitan State community. Contact the for problems/questions.

What is a Listserv?

A Listserv is also referred to as a group list, mailing list or distribution list. Listservs allow messages to be distributed to all the list's subscribers by submitting a message to a single address. When a message is sent to a Listserv address, it is forwarded to all subscribers of the list.

Note: 'members only' in the list type column means that a list is 'CLOSED' to anyone who is not a member of that list. If you have information that you want sent to the list contact the list administrator. All lists marked 'public' are 'OPEN' and anyone can send a message to that list.

Types of Listservs

  • Dynamic are based on ISRS coding. When faculty/staff change departments or are new to a department they are automatically added or dropped from the respective listservs within 24 hours. Only faculty/staff who have NetDirect accounts are included in dynamic listservs.
  • Static are managed manually by the list administrators. Contact list administrator for problems with specific lists. These Listservs may be used for committee and/or special interest groups. If you are interested in creating a static listserv please submit your request to the IT Desk at or 651-793-1240.

Course Listservs (for faculty only)

To view your class listserv addresses and listserv subscribers:

  1. In the Portal, find the "Personal Tools" box (bottom-left) and click on the "Forms / Tools / Resources" link.
  2. On the "Forms, Tools, and Resources" page, find the "Class Listservs" link inside the "Resources" column (far-right).
  3. Click on the Class Listservs link (may require 2 clicks if prompted with a security message) to view the members of that course's listserv.