The Switchboard is a report generator that is used by the staff of Metropolitan State University to generate various reports and mailing labels using data that is in ISRS. The Switchboard allows users to select what type of report they want and a date range for the data. The Switchboard is then set up to tap into the various databases within ISRS and pull out the information requested by the user.

Type of reports included:

  • Advisee labels, for a specific advisor

  • Advisee Reports

  • Class Lists - a list or labels for students enrolled in a specific class

  • Graduate lists

  • Students in a specific major

  • Classes canceled

and many other reports to choose from.

Switchboard and the Replicated Database

The Replicated Database is a copy of the data from ISRS and is continuously updated. Data entered through an ISRS screen and saved to the ISRS database. Every few minutes data in the Replicated Database is updated from the ISRS data. The Switchboard taps into the Replicated Database for the data source. Because of this process, users will always have current information in their reports.

Since the Switchboard is indirectly tied into ISRS it is necessary to complete security forms before the user will be able to access the Switchboard.

Email or call 651-793-1240 the IT Desk about any questions or problems concerning ISRS or the Switchboard.