Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tool used to increase a web page's likelihood of appearing in a web search. When writing keywords with SEO in mind, you are essentially trying to predict what others might plug into a search engine to find an article. 

When writing an article for Metropolitan State's website, there are a few given keywords that should be used for each article: "Metropolitan State University" and "Metropolitan State". Consider authors, participants, locations, and so on, when choosing keywords. Most keywords will vary depending on the content of each specific article.

Descriptive Summary

A descriptive summary for articles is what a reader uses to determine whether or not to visit a web page. Summaries appear on web searches under article titles and should provide a brief description (usually 2-3 sentences) of the article.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Browser Bar Title: Re-enter the page title (headline).

Meta Description: Re-enter the short/two-line description

Keywords: Enter words from the event that could be picked-up in an Internet browser "search". Always include Metropolitan State University and Metropolitan State.

Screen Capture of SEO screen